France Visa for Spouse of Eu/ EEA or Family Member

France Visa for Spouse of Eu/ EEA or Family Member

Schengen Application Form,

If you are looking for Schengen Visa France for your Husband or Wife or Children then will provide France Visa for Spouse and accurate Schengen Visa Requirements. The Foreign Spouse or Children under Age of 21 years of France Citizen required for Europe Visa. Interested Person should fill Schengen Application Form Carefully.

There is a list of mandatory documents and Schengen Visa Requirements that would be required at the time of taking visa or visa appointment for France Schengen Visa UKmake sure you all the documents with you please check below :

Application Form–Application of Schengen Visa France should be filled online or offline. France Visa UK Application Form must hold original signatures and two photocopies of duly filled Application Form. Here we are giving you all the details of Schengen Visa Requirements, Visa Processing Times and Schengen Visa Processing Time.

Passport- Travelers who are applying for Visa for Europe must submit Passport. Passport must be issues less than 10 years by National Passport Authority. Passport must be valid for at least 3 month before France Schengen Visa UK Appointment. Passport must not be damaged with at least two blank pages for French Visa London.

Photographs– You should submit photograph which not be less than 3 months and must meet ICAO standards. Size of photograph must be in 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm and for minors or 12 years below two photos needed. Application For Schengen Visa France visa must be completed with No Errors. Any Error in Form in Form will not be accepted by Europe Visa Authority.

British Residence Permit– Applicants for France Schengen France Schengen Visa UK also needed British Residence Permit with validity of more than 3 months of French Visa. British Residence Visa can be in Biometric Card or stamped in passport.

Hotel Reservation– If you are applying Schengen Application Form for Tourist Visa for France then you should submit Hotel Reservation proofs for duration of Stay in France. If tourist staying with Family then you submit original Attestation accursed from the sponsor in France and copies of previous Visas also required like original or Copy.

Previous Passports– If you have more than one or more previous passports than you should submit previous passports along with previous Visa also to French Consulate London. You must be original Passport and Copy of Previous Passports.

Cover Letter from France Visa Applicant– Applicants should be submit A cover letter with all the details related to Persons who Staying with you, Family members, Friends or Business Partners with same details.

Employment letter– If you are for France Employment Visa then you should submit Employment Letter which should be less than 3 months old and Bank Statement of Last Six months should be submitted to Schengen Visa Application. Along with documents you should also submit Leave Permission Letter from Current Employer and Income Tax Return (ITR).

Business letter- If you are applying Schengen Application Form for France Business Visa then you should submit A Copy of Business License, Income Tax Return and Last Six months Company Bank Statement.

Retired letter- If you are retired person than you must be submit Pension Statement of Latest Six months with Schengen Visa Application.

Medical letter – If you are looking for France Medical Purpose Visa then you should submit to Local Medical Report, A Medical or Doctor Report with Schengen Visa Applicationand confirmation of date of appointment in France and Payment receipt of Medical Fees or Doctor Fees in France.

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