How to get Visa for Europe, France visa appointment?

Anyone travelling to another country, especially with a transit stay in-between can be very stressful for an individual. The ideal way to deal with this problem is to ensure that you have everything planned and organized before you begin your journey. In this article, we give you the perfect checklist for your French visa appointment.

Step1: Understand the requirements for travel documents

Your first step is to understand whether you need a transit permit. normally, if your transit stay is more than 5 hours and you wish to spend this time doing something worthwhile, you can apply for a the permit that allows you to visit the local attractions. However, if the transit stay is less than that time period, it is ideally beneficial to not to step out to ensure that you do not have any troubles later on. Also, some countries are exempted from needing these travel documents to travel within the country. If you are travelling from the country of India, you will need to apply for this permit. Therefore check if your country is on the exemption list before you begin to proceed to the next step of checking the France visa application

Step 2: Required Documents

The documents required for the France visa appointment, visa for Europe are simple, the list as mentioned below:


Applicant’s valid passport, properly signed by the applicant with a minimum validity of 3 months. The passport needs to have two consecutive blank pages. A completed and signed application form which you can get online. 2 recent photographs of the applicant, not more than 6 months old. Copy of the flight itinerary printed Visa for the next destination country (if required) to be visited after France must already be in the passport at the time of application. Proof of funds or confirmation of hotel reservation if the stay exceeds more than a night. Payment of transit fees and the service charge if you are applying through a private agency.

Step 3: Submission of documents

Once you have gathered the documents for the transit visa requirement for French, you will need to submit them at the nearest France consulate or embassy for verification and processing. You will need to take an appointment before you go to the centre. This process will take around 3 to 5 working days, not counting national holidays and weekends.

Step 4: Track Status

To track the status of your application, you can always log onto the website and submit your reference number, birth date and passport number. Once your application is accepted, you will be contacted to collect your papers and passport. Once you have collected your permit and passport, then you can begin your journey.

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France Travel Visa Insurance Helps Roam in a New Country without Any Tension

Insurance is a way of securing anything with the help of a policy also known as insurance policy. These policies are available for various purposes, such as for life, health, wealth, house, tangible things, and travel. Every policy offers certain security for the insured one. Policy covers up any damage of theft caused to the insured thing thereby reducing your burden. Policies imply a level of safety and security to you so that you can have a tension free life. Policy for life, health, wealth and tangible things is quite common among people but travel is not a familiar policy. Travel covers up your whole trip that is from leaving your place to returning back. It helps you in case of medical emergency, theft, and loss of valuables.

Time has changed a lot in past some time and travelling abroad has become a new favourite for everyone. Earlier, travelling abroad was not as easy as it is now therefore; people used to travel within their country. Moreover, travelling abroad was an expensive task as it incurred expensive ticketing and expensive stay. Travelling abroad was affordable to only a certain class of people due to the heavy expenses. Nowadays, travelling abroad has become an easy and less expensive trip due to the reduced rates of air tickets and less expensive residential options. People are exploring various European countries as they offer economical rates and France is one of the most commonly visited places. Travelling to France requires visa and France travel visa this travel not only assures a safe journey but a memorable stay as well.


Travelling to France requires France visa information, which can be obtained after fulfilling the required documents and formalities. Travel France is a must to obtain French visa appointment to visit France. This travel allows a safe trip to France and provides support in case of emergency. France travel insurance protects you against various unexpected mishaps. This travel insurance provides required medical help in of any accident or serious health problem. Travel insurance France also covers theft or loss of valuables. In case of theft of passport or any other important documents you may find no help in an all new country but this insurance helps in such case also. It also covers the cost of repatriation to the country and includes all medical expenses such as hospitalization cost.

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