What Are the Different France visa Requirement

Duty for you

When you are a UK residence and have a UK passport then you don’t need to issue a tourist visa for France. But when you are a non UK citizen you will have to book an appointment for French consulate London.

The French consulate London is ready to help the citizen of UK in case any kind of help is needed. Also they will be conducting an interview with the candidate who needs to visit France.

When you need any help regarding filling up the application form for any visa, you will have to visit the French consulate London.

When you are a visitor to France, the visa other than France visa you need is the tourist visa for France.

Application for different visa

Now when you are based in UK, the application form which you need to get a visa for France is the France visa application UK. This visa works  specially for UK citizen along with that each and every citizen need this visa which will be produced after submission of France visa application UK.

Some visitors also wish to establish their business in European area but the European government has set up the rules for them also. They need to have a Europe work visa and this visa is valid up to 6 months to 12 months.

You can get the Europe work visa online or offline, if you want to apply the visa online you can get it by filling up an online form on the other hand you need visit an expert to apply visa for offline.


Requirements to Schengen visa

After that you have applied for the France visa application UK, the additional thing you need is to fill up a Schengen application form. When you are going to France you will be going through Schengen area then you also need to have a Schengen visa also.

You will needs to have a visit for French embassy visa which will be given by French consulate London.

Requirements for visa

To get a France visa you will have to fulfill the France visa requirement. The requirements to fulfill are as followed:

1- You will manage to get French embassy visa.

2- Get qualified with the Schengen visa application form, only then you will be able to get the visa.

3- 4 passport size photograph.

4- 2 blank pages at the end portion of passport.

These were the France visa requirements, you will need to fulfill. By completing all these documents you will get a visa in 15 to 30 days.

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