How Can I Get French Visa Appointment

How to apply for visa

Anyone needs to go France from the UK country, and then they will firstly need to apply for visa for Europe and get verified for visiting Europe. If you are also one of them who wish to go to France to explore its beauty then the second thing you will need to apply for France visa in UK.

European country has some rules defined for the visitors coming to their country for any purpose then they will have to get a visa for Europe.

After that you have done with apply for France visa in UK, now you will need to verify yourself which will be done by a team which have assigned by the government of France and verification will be done through French visa appointment. The visa for Europe will be delivered on your doorstep in 15 to 30 working days.

Know more about the form

After you have received the visa for Europe, now you will have to move on the next step which is start by getting a France visa application form, by starting of this method you will have to qualify with an interview which is held by French visa appointment.


After you have decided that you are going to France for any purpose of business you will need to get a France business visa.

This visa is applicable for those going to France for any investment or to start any business there. This visa is valid up to 4 months to 6 months. You can get the France business visa online also. Now that you are going to France, you will need to have knowledge of Schengen visa requirements and after done with all the things you will need to submit them to France embassy UK.

Rules for Schengen Visa

The Schengen country has some rules and regulations defined and for going France you will need to meet up all the Schengen visa requirements. You will receive this visa by post from 15 to 30 working days. After that you have to consult with France embassy UK for forward your documents.

After you got the France visa application form, what you have to do in next step is to consult the France embassy UK to get verified and validate your visa. This team is assigned by the France government to help out the UK citizens for applying French visa appointment.

This appointment is applied by them who are citizens of UK and willing to visit France, then at the initial stage they need this French visa appointment to get verified and forwarded their documents further after visiting France Embassy UK.

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